The Preached Word at Wheat Street

Theme: Love Out Loud


Preaching Schedule October 2017

October 1

Pastor Watkins

Sermon: The Black Christ How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways! Text: Luke 22:14-23


October 8. 2017

Pastor Watkins

Sermon: "I Ain't Neva Scared" Scripture:  1John 4:18-21


October 15 - Pastoral Installation

Sermon: In The Midst Of It All

Scripture: 1Kings 19:1-18

Sermon by: Rev. Dr. Carolyn L. Gordon


October 22

Pastor Watkins

Sermon: “A Brotherly Love is a Godly Love”  Luke 10:26-28


October 28

Pastor Watkins

Sermon: “To Live is to Love: For God So Loved and So Do We” John 3:16-17


October 29

Pastor Watkins

Sermon: “Its a Love Thang So You Got to Understand”  Ephesians 5:22-33


November 5

Pastor Watkins

Sermon: “Starting All Over Again”  Matthew 28:9-10



The Word at Wheat Street
The Word at Wheat Street
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