Wednesday with the Word



Lesson # 1 - The Books Acts: Part #1 Fuel for the Journey:   How to Get Through What You Are Going Through   Scripture: Acts 1


Lesson #2: January 16, 2019  The Evidence and Fulfillment of the Resurrection: The Holy Spirit Has Come Acts 1:1-11


Lesson # 3:  January 23, 2019  The Judas Factor: Judas is Real  Biblical Foundation:  Acts 1:12-26


Lesson # 4:  January 30, 2019 The Power in You and the Church: Keep on Pushing  Acts 2:1-13


Lesson # 5:  February 6, 2019 Get Busy Acts 2:14-36


Lesson # 6:  February 13, 2019 Walk Together Children Don’t You Get Weary: The Power of Community  Acts 2:37-47


Lesson # 7:  February 20, 2019 There is Power in the name of Jesus! Who are you healing?


Lesson # 8:  February 27, 2019  What Do You Do When People Try to Shut You Down and Shut You Up? Acts 4:1-22


Lesson # 9:  March 6, 2019 Acts 4:23-37


Lesson # 10:  March 13, 2019  The Month April: A Month of Giving: He Gave It All and So Will We “I am sold OUT!! My mind is made UP!

cts 4:32-37


Lesson # 11:  March 20, 2019

Acts Summary

The Books Acts: Part #1 Fuel for the Journey:

How to Get Through What You Are Going Through


Lesson # 12:  March 27, 2019 Mid -Week Prayer Service: Praying with Power Ministry “Loving Through Prayer”


Lesson # 13:  April 3, 2019  Acts 5: 12-16


Lesson # 14:  The Books Acts: Part #2: Difference Making Disciples "Why Do We Hold Back What Belongs to God? Testing God"  Acts 5:1-11


 Lesson # 15:  Acts 6: 1-7


Lesson # 17  What Do People See In You:  What Does Your Witness Say Acts 6: 8-15


Lesson # 18   “Speaking Truth to Power: Inside and Outside the Church”   Acts 7:1- 8:1


Lesson # 19  How Do You Handle the Inevitable: Persecution is the Order of the Day  Acts 8:1- 8





Lesson 2: Jesus Heals the Paralytic


Lesson # 3: The Key to Growing: The Soil and Seed Issue


Lesson # 4: Know When to Holdem, When to Foldem and When to Walk  Away: Their Mission is Our Mission

Scripture:   Mark 6:6b -13


Lesson # 5: The Syrophoenician Woman's Faith Mark 7


Lesson # 6: I Got A Question Jesus!


Lesson #7: Marks of a Mature Disciple of Jesus Christ


Lesson # 8: Can You See What God Is Doing?

A Mess in the Midst of a Miracle


Lesson # 9: From a Blind Man to a Dead Man: A Faithful Testimony


Lesson # 10: John 14:1-14


Wednesday With the Word Attachment. Lesson 11


Lesson # 12: Handling Haters: When Your Faith Has To Fight


Lesson # 13: How Does Christ Handle Haters?


Lesson # 14: It's the Remix: When Jesus Closes the Book.


Lesson # 15: Change It Up: When Jesus Drops The Mix Tape.


Lesson # 16: Standing on the Promises of God: What Has God Promised?


Lesson # 17: The Power of Prayer: The Key to a Life Well Lived


Lesson # 18: Believing is Seeing:  Walking by Faith and Not by Sight


Lesson # 19: A Heart for the Lost:  The Cost for the Lost - Luke 14 - 16 - Our Weekly Reading


Lesson # 20: Waste Not, Want Not: When the Journey of Faith Turns into a Lifestyle


Lesson # 21: Who is Really in Charge: The Tricks of the Trade vs the Authority of Jesus


Lesson # 22: Me and The Widow: Not Equal Giving but Equal Sacrifice


Lesson # 23: Me and The Widow:  Not Equal Giving but Equal Sacrifice


Lesson # 24 "The Women In The Life of Jesus"


Lesson # 25: How To Deal With Your Enemies: A Battle Plan for Holiness


Lesson # 26  Good vs Evil5


Lesson # 28: God Is Still In The Miracle Working Business


Lesson # 29: Letting Go


Lesson # 30: Making 2019 a Truly New Year: Practical Tips and Strategies Biblical Foundation





Lesson   1 The Know You More God the More You Know Your Role


Lesson   2 Dealing with Difficult Stuff


Lesson   3 Mark 2 Healing vs Tradition


Lesson  4 Radical Change


Lesson  5 The Power of Touch


Renew Me Oh God


Lesson  8 The Good Deeds Church


Lesson  9 How Is Your Faith


Lesson  10 Going to the Other Side


Lesson  11 Evangelism and Ministry


Lesson  12 Dead Stuff Back to Life


Lesson  12b The Power and Place of Praise in God


Lesson  13 Going Home is Hard to Do


Lesson _14 Know When to Holdem and Foldem and When to Walk Away


Lesson  15 Sharing the Gospel Evangelism


Lesson  16 Fasting and Prayer


Lesson  17 Respect Yourself


Lesson  18 What Does Jesus See Need vs Need


Faith Matters an Introduction


Lesson  20 What Do We Believe?  Your Future, the Future of  Wheat Street, Faith and Action


Lesson  21 What Are You Believing God For & How Are You Working On It? Faith and Works Conversation Continued


Lesson  22 The Faith of A Mother: The Witness of Elizabeth and the Prophecy of Zechariah


Lesson  23 Momma Making Ends Meet: The Miracle Working Power of Momma


Lesson 24  Momma's Don't Play Favorites? Rebekah, Jacob, and Esau


Lesson 25 Called To Faithfulness


Lesson 26 Membership vs Discipleship


Lessons: 27 Call To Faithfulness


Lesson: 28  Our Calling


Lessons: 29:  Forgiveness


Lesson: 30  Get Ready


Lesson 31: Mary, Joseph, Jesus and Dreams


Lesson 32 Complaining on the Way to the Promised Land:

Will You Complain?


Lesson 33 Life After Death: Faith in God's Resurrection Power


Lesson 34 Daring to Dream Another Dream: Unity in the Body


Lesson 35 The Vision for Wheat Street Baptist Church


Lesson: 37  The Power of Love: Do We Love Each Other?


Lesson: 38  You Have to Love: Loving God, Loving Yourself, Empowers You to Love Others


Lesson: 39  What Do You Do When Success Looks Like Failure?


Lesson: 40 There is Power in Praise: Praise & Worship Makes the Difference


Lesson: 41 This Joy That I Have!!!


Lesson 43  What Does It Mean to Be a Mature Disciple of Jesus Christ?


Lesson # 26: Good or Evil: Reading The Signs


Lesson # 27: God Is Still In The Miracle Working Business


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